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(L) AmericAN Dream-SitCom

(L) American dream family


A braggadocios born and bred Nuyorican who works hard as a custodian in an old folks home striving to reach his and his wife’s American dream, by whatever legal means necessary.
Louie’s idea of the American dream is “make as much money as you can” and step one is to make enough to get him and his wife up out of the hard changing time.


Louie’s feisty younger and hot Puerto Rican wife who tells her husband how “things” really are…except whenever Louie sweet talks her into following his hair brained schemes, until she eventually snaps him back to reality. Sunny is chasing her own American dream of being an actress or a social media influencer (anything that brings her fame and followers)


Louie’s gaudy sister, who is more of the neighborhood’s gossip radio station than the “red tag” buying Latina she is truly known for. Cuca feels she has achieved her American Dream as she drains her husband Geraldo’s wallet for whatever she desires; however, as Cuca would think, one can never have too many dreams; especially when they are on SALE!


Sunny’s “spacey” brother, who is currently living with her and Louie. Jesus pops up suddenly during times when he is “called upon”, but that doesn’t mean anyone really needs his opinion; however being the carefree guy he is, he’ll leave you with a bit of inspiration or utterly… confused. Either way, a world of “green” peace is HIS “American ‘Hazey’ Dream”.


Louie’s boneheaded friend, who is usually by Louie’s side, helping his friend reach his American dream without lending him any money. Tommy is a “used car” salesman who slowly reaches local celebrity with his television commercials. His American Dream is to be part of a “boy band”.


Cuca’s secluded husband, who would much rather been heard than seen, tries to avoid Louie as much as he can, but being with Cuca that is far from possible. His American Dream is to be left alone… and for his brother in law to pay what he owes him.

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