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Sometimes things are not what they seem, neither people. Glenn, a shy and nerdish guy takes a night to hang out with his pal Puck without knowing that this night will change their life. A night of fun, lust and pleasure can get them to the point of no return. That night will be the night of uncovered secrets and dark sides of human nature. Nothing is what it seems to be.

Puck, a guy that lives his life pretending to be someone that he isn’t and Glenn an always responsible and smart man, decide to go out to a club. After a few drinks, probably more than Glenn was used to drink, they hire Marina on the street, a hooker to party with them at Glenn’s apartment. What one of the guys don’t know is that Marina is not what he thinks she is and she’ll be the reason to stop pretending to be another person.

Glenn, who is always lecturing Puck on how to live his life, gets into this dangerous game that will lead them to the day when all has to be said and done. Sometimes things are not what they seem and most of us live behind a facade to show others what we want them to see of us and hide who we really are.



Was born and raised in Puerto Rico to Cuban parents. He graduated from high school Suma Cum Laude and went on to attend the University of Puerto Rico. Passionate and motivated to start his acting career, Adrián moved to Los Angeles in 2008. He has studied his craft at several renowned acting schools, such as The Groundlings, The Bramon Garcia Braun Studio, and The Imagine Life by Diana Castle. He's best know for his leading roles in the movies #0 Days with my brother and Yucatán.

Laura Alemán

Laura Alemán was born in the town of Ponce, Puerto Rico. She studied drama at Hunter College. She also entered the famous school developed by the Traveling Theatre: Raul Julia Training Unit She entered a competition winning first place being sponsored by the famous actor of the American series "The Sopranos" Vinny Vela. It was then that joined a talent agency and start working on several Off Broadway plays. She toured with the company of Lucky Theatre Productions with the work ... HUM PRISONER where also participated Otilio Warrington "Biscocho", Miguel Ramos, among others. She worked on the HBO series East Bound And Down as stuntman of the actress Ana De la Reguera.. In 2011, she was the only Puerto Rican contestant to enter the competition, Protagonistas The Reality of Univision Network, resulting as the winner of it. As awards, she had the opportunity to act on two television soap operas and other similar programs.

Omar Miranda

Is a Puerto Rican actor. Omar Miranda's acting career began in Puerto Rico in theater and later he was the leading actor in the film "Death in Paradise" which made him realize that acting was his true passion. The young actor also starred in the short film "Jephta". Miranda moved to New York City to study acting at Stella Adler Studio, and eventually decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue a career in Hollywood. Miranda has participated in AmericanTV shows like House and CSI New York.