Frenzy Fest. 2020

Frenzy Fest is a unique competitive English & Spanish theatrical festival focusing on the vulnerability of the human psyche. The eligible plays are theatrical one act play (English or Spanish) with durations between thirty to thirty-five minutes. The plays reflect some form of “Frenzy,” meaning a kind of mental agitation, violent excitement, emotional breakdown, delirium and/or rage. Utilizing multicultural dialogue all plays promote freedom of creative expression and empathy for persons struggling with mental health challenges as a result of drug, alcohol abuse or opioid epidemic, or as a casual frenzy episode, which anyone in an extreme moment may experience.

Through an open call the participating works will be selected by the BIP collective and mental health professionals, writers and theater producers. The 6 selected plays will then be presented at El Barrio’s Artspace.

The Festival will run for two weekends during May, 2020. Each play will have two (2) presentations (2 plays per night/ 12 shows total), followed by a Q & A with mental health professionals.

At the conclusion of the festival the judges (of mental health professionals, professional writers and theater producers) will vote, and the winner will be able to present their play at Artspace, who will sponsor with the theater and other prizes.

How to Submit:

·       Download application below, fill it out and mail it with the required attachments

·       Include the following attachments 

                         Things to Attach:

• Script

• Playwright Bio 

• Synopsis of theatrical work 

• Actors/director & Writer Bios 

• Description of Set and Props 

·       Include application fee for $25.00 with a Money Order payable to Barrio Independent Productions. 

·       Send it by mail to: 

c/o El Barrio’s ArtSpace PS109 

Frenzy Fest 

215 East 99 Street 

New York, N.Y. 10029