Frenzy Short Film Fest is made possible in part with public funds from Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone Development Corporation, Creative Engagement, supported by the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council and administered by LMCC.


“Everyone has their limit when it comes to the pressures of life. Frenzy Short Film Festival presents a group of short films venturing into the psyche of those that have reached that point.” 


Frenzy Short Film Festival is an expository/competitive bilingual English/Spanish film festival (online edition) focusing on social and psychological vulnerabilities of individuals and communities at large. Through the storytelling Frenzy Short Film Festival has the following objectives:

  • To increase awareness and empathy about the stigma of mental health issues and community dysfunctions
  • Spread cinematographic works with mental health issues.
  • To engage audiences with this powerful integration of creativity and technology to inspire, support and transform lives.

BIP, in response to COVID-19, and in solidarity with our artist’s community, created this festival looking for short films that help and promote mental health, well-being, and social change work.


By an open call process, a group of short films are selected to participate in the Festival. Selected shorts should be between 10 and 15 minutes (English or Spanish), reflecting a form of a “Frenzy” episode, such as mental agitation, violent excitement, emotional breakdown, delirium, and or rage. All consequential matters like provocation, illness, PTSD, addiction, loss, injustice, racism, and oppression are examples of what can lead to a Frenzy episode. The topics of the selected films will vary with one common theme; a frenzy episode. Also, it can be about Pandemia Covid 19, isolation, Depression, anxiety, etc. The one common denominator is the FRENZY EPISODE.  It could be any genre (drama, comedy, and fiction etc.), using mental health as the point of interest. As such, we do not place any formal restrictions on submissions, and will consider all genres, but we do not accept zoom works or readings.

BIP will present streamed screenings of the selected short films. In addition, BIP will host a series of screening forums of each short film with professionals of mental health and members of the films.


There will be a compensation to concede the rights to BIP, even after the festival, to present the short film on the BIP website or any other BIP’s live or online event, for the duration of three (3) months for the 3 Best Cinematographic Work.


YOUR short film has the power. Art can heal, art can save lives, and art can bring us together even while we are apart.