For us, our community is extremely important, so as part of our social commitment is to include in our programming social and cultural-artistic events as well as educational ones that help to maintain a social conscience and raise funds that serve to support the community in times of crisis.


This February 13 th at El Barrio’s ArtSpace PS 109 (215 East 99 Street – Between 2nd & 3rd Avenues) The Soirée Poetry Book Party, The official presentation to the community and media BORRACHO [Very Drunk] – LOVE POEMS & OTHER ACTS OF MADNESS [Poemas de amor Y Otros Actos de Locura] by Jesús Papoleto Meléndez, published on February 1,2020 by 

Leaf Press; trade distribution handled by University of Chicago Press / Chicago Distribution Center.

This event will feature the participation of extraordinary artists and personalities who will give voice to these poems in English and Spanish, accompanied by live jazz music and Spanish guitar. Among the actors performing are Rhina Valentín, Víctor Cruz, Indio Meléndez, Miriam Cruz, Amneris Morales, Belange Rodríguez, Sery Colón, Iván Goris and Elliott Ortiz. Mr.Melendez will read one poem to close the evening; Interview and audience Q & A to follow. This book is a poetic autobiography of a hopeless romantic that extols the essence of a man’s character laid bare in the foibles of his desire and passionate pursuit of love, “equating the state
of being in love with “madness,” as Susana Torruella-Leval describes in the introduction of this book. This journey through a poet’s struggle in love and life were written during times of exhilarated love and joy, as well as through times of a soul’s darkness, the painful moments of being out of love in one’s life.

Anyone who has ever loved or ever lost will find some affinity with these poems, and their experience with love’s embrace.


Barrio Independent Productions





La Patria Resiste…The Motherland Resists

THE MOTHERLAND RESISTS is a social and cultural-artistic series of event that seeks permanent solutions to the crisis in Puerto Rico after the hurricane Maria and it social and political consequences. We aim to bring Diaspora & from Puerto Rico groups and individuals to facilitate truly participatory communication & discussions about the crisis in Puerto Rico. All contributions were donated to artists in Puerto Rico who are in need. 

For us it were vital your participation. You support helped strengthen the ties between the Puerto Ricans of the Island and those of the diaspora, so that together we could contribute to improving the current situation and the future of Puerto Rico after of Hurricane Maria. 

De aqui y de alla

“De Aquí y de Allá Festival” (First Edition) was produced by BIP when we were still Beautiful Angelbello Productions, with the collaboration of La Marqueta Retoña, and Hispanic Federation. “De Aquí Y De Allá” is a comedy festival where artists of different nationalities but located in New York City welcome fellow countrymen artists to share, on the same scene, unipersonal and stand-up comedy shows.

This celebration of the “De Aquí y de Allá” Festival was dedicated to Puerto Rico after the passage of Hurricane Maria. The entrance was free of cost and a donation was suggested to help the artists in Puerto Rico. The proceeds were pierced to the Pregones fund to be donated to the fellow artists of Puerto Rico who are in need after Hurricane Maria.


The festival ran for three consecutive weekends with different presentations every weekend at Julia de Burgos Theater (1680 Lexington Ave, New York, New York 10016).

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