We believe film is one of the most powerful forms of connecting to our world. Films are mirrors, that record and inform society about

ourselves and others. Through the cinema we can see the reality of the world in which we live as well as the cinema transports us to utopian worlds that lead us to reflect. Today, the independent film has opened the panorama providing a broader spectrum of our reality and the possibilities for emerging talents who are not part of the main stream. This important fund enables the L’American Drean Sitcom Program to achieve a higher degree of excellence.


After much research and study on the Latino communities residing within the big cities, “Barrio Independent Productions” feels confident that (L) American Dream will reach no less than 1,000,000.00 people on social media alone within the first season; therefore giving their MAIN sponsors (LIKE YOU) major opportunities for advertising within the family and comedic urban current world all framed in the craziest city: NY…

YOU can be part of this unification and reap the benefits of a multicultural exchange with potential of reaching far beyond just one group.

Your brand can be seen and potentially patronized within the MILLIONS of Latino and Caribbean residents in the states, including Puerto Ricans, who are to be represented for the first time in the media and yearning for it, therefore gaining preference within this target audience… and many other profits.

YOUR product/service can be front and center on camera with the main characters in the show (Product Placement / Product Integration).

YOUR company logo can be on every media where (L)American Dream is featured.

YOUR logo as a main sponsor in the weekly credits (8 weeks) with the shining stars!

Main logo of YOUR Company on Barrio Independent Productions’ Web page Dream is featured. … and many other profits.

Call us and we will help you to choose the perfect package for your company.

L”american Dream Contribution is tax-deductible

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