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Asier Kintana & Sandra Gumuzzio


Gerardo Gudiño

Dos extraños quedan atrapados en el metro de NY en hora punta. El conflicto de egos que estalla, les llevará a descubrir quienes son realmente.


Two strangers get trapped in the NY subway at rush hour. The ego fight that breaks out, will lead them to figure out who they really are.

bus stop, waiting, public transport



Gerardo is an Argentine actor and director, trained at Lee Strasberg and at University of Córdoba (Argentine). He´s part of the Repertorio Español since 2001, with lead roles in multiple plays such as “Life is a dream” or “Don Quixote”. He’s an ACE, HOLA and ATI Awards winner.

Raul Rivera


Actor / Playwright Sandra (Madrid, Spain) studied at Replika Teatro. In 2010 she founded “Teatro del Barro”. Since she moved to NYC, she’s worked as an actress, playwright & director in plays like "Undergorunded" or "La mujer de Miguel Hernández". In 2019, she joined Repertorio Español with credits like "Celestina" or "Filomena Marturano”.


Actor / Playwright Trained at Susan Batson Studio and at Cristina Rota Drama School (Madrid, Spain). His main credits include “Chaplin-Behind the Character”, a solo performance directed by Susan Batson, “El Condor en Nueva York” (feature film), “Buscando a Hilary”, “La Katarsis del Tomatazo” or “Sin tetas no hay paraíso” (TV).


Actor, writer, director and showman, Jorge’s been called the "Dependable Actor" by renowned acting coach Susan Batson. Some of his credits are “Hola at Me” (Play, starring Vinny Vella & Joe Riggano), “Life, Love & Loss” (solo project), “Fourth Quarter” (feature film) or “Convicted” & “I Am Homicide” (TV serie).