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Our mission

The mission of Barrio Independent Productions Inc. is to develop, produce, and promote the creation of performances and cultural events, with public presentation, through different artistic forms that reflect the traditions and improve the values of our Latin communities (Including Caribbean). 

Focusing on those artistic works that conveys storytelling with an art, BIP as a multi-arts organization are committed to:


  • Fostering a platform for diverse artistic connections between the greater global artistic community and the New York City diaspora and their audiences.
  • Make alliances with other organizations and institutions for facilitate the artistic work with its makers as a public service to immediate neighborhoods and all audiences.
  • Create a broad spectrum of high-quality activities, compelling, accessible, and fun, communal entertainment experiences that engage more effective audiences.


215 East 99th Street New York, NY 10029 Phone #: 787-632-1141
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