frenzy fest

frenzy fest

Frenzy Fest is a competitive bilingual English/Spanish theatrical festival focusing on social and psychological vulnerabilities of individuals and communities at large. Through the use of theatrical storytelling Frenzy Fest aims to increase awareness and empathy about the stigma of mental health issues and community dysfunctions.

By an open call process, a series of short plays are selected to participate in the annual “Frenzy Fest.”  Selected plays should be one act dramatic performances (English or Spanish) between thirty to forty minutes long, reflecting a form of a “Frenzy” episode, such as mental agitation, violent excitement, emotional breakdown, delirium, and or rage. All consequential matters like provocation, mortality, illness, suicide, PTSD, addiction, loss, betrayal, injustice, racism, and oppression are examples of what can lead to a Frenzy episode.

Frenzy Fest Producers and the judges using a scoring method consider very carefully the artistic quality, as well as the psychological approach to the theatrical pieces from the moment of the selection of script, directors, and actors. Frenzy Fest quality control (lights, sound, theater management, etc.) also maintain by the Frenzy Fest Producers.

Every play is showcased twice followed by a post-show discussion with mental health professionals in attendance giving the audience the opportunity to engage and gain a deeper understanding, developing empathy and changed perceptions.

At the conclusion of the festival the judges, made up of mental health practitioners, professional writers and theater producers will vote to select a winner. The winner will be able to present their play at El Barrio’s ArtSpace PS109, without any cost to the producer and keep a 100% of their profit



Frenzy Producers

General Producer / Artistic Director

Amneris Morales


Elliott Ortiz


Belange Rodriguez

Technical director

Ivan Goris

Community outreach

Jesus Papoleto Melendez

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