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We believe film is one of the most powerful forms of connecting to our world. Films are mirrors, that record and inform society about ourselves and others. Through the cinema we can see the reality of the world in which we live as well as the cinema transports us to utopian worlds that lead us to reflect. Today, the independent film has opened the panorama providing a broader spectrum of our reality and the possibilities for emerging talents who are not part of the main stream. 

Since this is our vision of the contribution of cinematographic works to the different art expressions and to society, we, as part of our programmatic work we include cinematographic expression in our artistic productions. Enjoy them and be part of the magical world of cinema.

(L) American Dream is a sit-com about the Latin-American ambition and idealism, funny patriotism and, in general, the American experience for any migrant that is struggling to achieve his dream without loosing hope or beat. It’s George Lopez and King of Queens kind of comedy but unlike them it’s a show about the Caribbean experience in NYC and filmed in American Family style. (L) American Dream is a show about America. It’s about “El Barrio”; YOUR Barrio, wherever you are in the States. (L) American Dream is a show about OUR dreams and the journey to achieve them.

Puerto Rican Movie Nights is a Barrio Independent Productions’ initiative in order to keep the diaspora in touch with Puerto Rican cinema.

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